4.0 Network Management

4.2 Given a scenario, use appropriate hardware tools to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

  • Cable tester

    Cable Tester - Computer Hope

  • Cable certifier

    Cable Certifier - TechRepublic

  • Crimper

    A crimping tool is a tool designed to crimp or connect a connector to the end of a cable.

  • Butt set

    Using a Buttset - Phone Geeks

  • Toner probe

    The tone generator and probe is a network installation and troubleshooting tool used for tracing wires through inconvenient or inaccessible locations. A signal is emitted by the tone generator at one end of a cable which is easily detected by the probe at the other end. The tone generator and probe are commonly used to verify cable continuity, identify wiring faults, and determine line polarity and voltage in network (Cat 5 and Coax) and modular telephone lines.

    Probing the challenges of cable-tracing tools.

  • Punch down tool

    A punch down tool is a small hand tool used by telecommunication and network technicians for inserting wire into insulation-displacement connectors on punch down blocks, patch panels, and surface mount boxes.

  • Protocol analyzer

  • Loop back plug

    A loopback plug is a connector used for diagnosing transmission problems. It plugs into a port, such as a serial, parallel, or an Ethernet port and crosses the transmit line to the receive line so that outgoing signals can be redirected back into the computer for loopback testing.

  • TDR

  • OTDR

  • Multimeter

    Multimeter - Wikipedia

  • Environmental monitor