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GDDR Explained
« on: February 26, 2012, 01:53:32 pm »
An obvious one I guess, but a series of questions that seem to evade most, is what the heck is GDDR. Hence why this wiki is a stub. It has been my experiance that the dedicated Graphics area is one that most seem to just buy, slot, hope for the best. The only important thing is the Rig passing post and booting up with a signal. There may come a time when adding Memory to a Card, will not be a major surgery mod. The type of GDDR is married to the Card, as such I thought this would be of interest. I do have another source, but can't remember what community. So have a look at this. It is important to what flavour is used on your pending purchase, and also what the through put is X amount. 1GHz of GDDR5 may not necessarily be faster than 2GHz of GDDR4.