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Had this linkage in my Browser favourites for a while now. Posting this because it is from the advent of PCI-E and not with the Modern chipsets. Here is a Intel wiki page. Including this here because I am not sure if the site Admin would accept on the TAG Wiki. In terms of the A+, this bus has become defacto now (ok, some mobo's with legacy slots) and as such I felt that a reference list will be useful for those who are not quite up on the tech. For the A+, the fundamentals are I suppose, the important element. But this in my opinion will make very good study material as a guide. Some questions do lead to more thought about them and this is very coherent and well placed.


EDIT> In this I mean overall too. Look out for the differing System Memory types and throughput/bandwidth. Look for the amount and size of lanes supported by differnt chipsets. The codenames of the dies are not important, but look out for the PGA and LGA sockets. It may help revision due to any questions in the exams. Knowing the timeline maybe of use
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