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Here's another set of videos by Frank Schneemann. In this set, Frank addresses the basic fundamentals of networking.

Networks 1 - This networking overview starts with the basic fundamentals of what a network is, and how it works.

Networks 2 - The second module walks through network addressing, topologies, and cabling.

Networks 3 - This module touches on the basics of network servers, including Active Directory, Groups, and User Accounts.

Nice :)

EDIT> If you don't view from the Web, WMP in XP does not support the codec used. Using the work PC with  XP Pro. Not sure regarding Vista onwards. Use DivX

Every Guest and member. This realy is worth a listen. Not sure what ver of WMP ships with Vista/W7, but try DivX or WinAmp.

WinAmp Freebie

DivX Freebie

You could search Cnet or Zdnet as well. Rest assured though, you can get a lite freeware ver that will do the job. XP support is becoming somewhat legacy in nature. As the Admin has posted though, his linkage is realy worth looking at whatever level you are. One tip from a Overclocker, allways address the fundamentals, that is the basis of your skills. Learning is what we do, but never forget the machine. That is BIOS and the components that make the machine. Routers, Bridges and Brouters and Switches and repeaters are fundamentals of LANS, WANS and MANS! Please take the time to listen to the linkage, whatever your skill set. Hardware supports Software and I am so glad that you coders exsist, you allow my passion :)


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