Windows Command Line Utilities

Command prompt utilities

  • telnet
    Used to establish insecure text-based communication with a remote computer

  • ping
    Utility used to test IP connectivity with another host
    Command options include:
    • -t Pings the specified host until stopped
    • -a Resolves addresses to hostnames
    • -n count Number of echo requests to send
    • -l Size Adjusts the size of the ping packet
    • -w Timeout Adjusts the time-out (in milliseconds)
    • hostname Tests connectivity to a particular host

  • ipconfig
    Displays or sets configuration of TCP/IP for network interfaces
    Optional switches include:
    • /? - Displays the Help menu for ipconfig
    • /all - Displays full configuration information
    • /release - Releases the IP address for the specified adapter
    • /renew - Renews the IP address for the specified adapter

Run line utilities

  • msconfig
    A system utility used to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows startup process

  • msinfo32
    Displays a comprehensive view of your hardware, system components, and software environment

  • Dxdiag
    A diagnostics tool used to test DirectX functionality

  • Cmd
    Starts the command line interface

    Used to access and edit the Windows Registry