5.0 Operational Procedures

5.1 Given a scenario, use appropriate safety procedures.

  • ESD straps
  • ESD mats
  • Self-grounding
  • Equipment grounding
  • Personal safety
    • Disconnect power before repairing PC
    • Remove jewelry
    • Lifting techniques
    • Weight limitations
    • Electrical fire safety
    • CRT safety – proper disposal
    • Cable management
  • Compliance with local government regulations

5.2 Explain environmental impacts and the purpose of environmental controls.

  • MSDS documentation for handling and disposal
  • Temperature, humidity level awareness and proper ventilation
  • Power surges, brownouts, blackouts
    • Battery backup
    • Surge suppressor
  • Protection from airborne particles
    • Enclosures
    • Air filters
  • Dust and debris
    • Compressed air
    • Vacuums
  • Component handling and protection
    • Antistatic bags
  • Compliance to local government regulations

5.3 Given a scenario, demonstrate proper communication and professionalism.

  • Use proper language – avoid jargon, acronyms, slang when applicable
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Listen and do not interrupt the customer
  • Be culturally sensitive
  • Be on time (if late contact the customer)
  • Avoid distractions
    • Personal calls
    • Talking to co-workers while interacting with customers
    • Personal interruptions
  • Dealing with difficult customer or situation
    • Avoid arguing with customers and/or being defensive
    • Do not minimize customer’s problems
    • Avoid being judgmental
    • Clarify customer statements (ask open ended questions to narrow the scope of the problem, restate the issue or question to verify understanding)
  • Set and meet expectations/timeline and communicate status with the customer
    • Offer different repair/replacement options if applicable
    • Provide proper documentation on the services provided
    • Follow up with customer/user at a later date to verify satisfaction
  • Deal appropriately with customers confidential materials
    • Located on a computer, desktop, printer, etc

    5.4 Explain the fundamentals of dealing with prohibited content/activity.

    • First response
      • Identify
      • Report through proper channels
      • Data/device preservation
    • Use of documentation/documentation changes
    • Chain of custody
      • Tracking of evidence/documenting process


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