1.0 Hardware

1.4 Given a scenario, select and use the following tools

  • Multimeter

    Multimeter - Wikipedia

  • Power supply tester

    ATX Power Supply Tester - Video Demonstration

  • Specialty hardware / tools

  • Cable testers

    Cable Tester - Computer Hope

  • Loop back plugs A loopback plug is a connector used for diagnosing transmission problems. It plugs into a port, such as a serial, parallel, or an Ethernet port and crosses the transmit line to the receive line so that outgoing signals can be redirected back into the computer for loopback testing.

  • Anti-static pad and wrist strap

    An anti-static pad is one of a number of antistatic devices designed to help eliminate static electricity. It does this by having a conductive material embedded within the mat that collects the static. The mat would need to be grounded (earthed). This is usually accomplished by plugging into the grounded line in an electrical outlet. It's important to discharge at a slow rate, therefore a resistor should be used in earthing the mat. The resistor, as well as allowing high-voltage charges to leak through to earth, also prevents a shock hazard when working with low-voltage parts. Some ground mats allow you to connect an antistatic wrist strap to them. - Wikipedia

    Antistatic wrist straps are used to prevent electrostatic discharge by safely grounding a person working with electronic equipment. Each strap consists of a band of fabric with fine conductive fibers woven into it. The fibers are usually made of carbon or carbon-filled rubber, and the strap is bound with a stainless steel clasp or plate. They are usually used in conjunction with an ESD mat on the workbench, or a special static-dissipating plastic laminate on the workbench surface.

  • Extension magnet

    An extension magnet can be handy for retrieving dropped screws from tight, otherwise inaccessible spaces. Special care should be exercised any time a magnet is used in close proximity to computers or any form of magnetic media.